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Our Services

Clownfish in Aquarium

We do the maintenance so you can enjoy the beauty. 

What's that you say??.... You want the beautiful aquarium or pond in your home or office but don't have time to take care of it?  No problem, our aquarium and pond maintenance services are here to help.

Aquaria Services offers our expertise with Residential/Commercial/Government projects with options for one-time, weekly, or monthly maintenance packages and can assist in turnkey projects including tank installation, habitat design, setup & even removal. Our multi-skilled team features passionate professionals who are detailed and knowledgeable which makes us the most trusted in the city. So whether you’re looking to beautify your home or add an eye-popping feature to your business’s lobby, Aquaria Services can help! 



  • One-time | Weekly |Monthly maintenance packages 

  • Habitat design 

  • Filter repair and installation

  • Text message appointment reminders 

  • Photo reports and updates from your visit! 

  • 24-hour emergency services

 Here's our step-by-step process on how we can best serve you. 

Step 1 - Consulation

We'll assess your needs by either a phone/text or in-person consultation.  

Step 4- On-going happiness

We work to give you piece of mind, so we'll make sure our communication is efficient, our  scheduling process is easy and our payment options don't break the bank

Step 2- Build your Service

From there, we'll build a custom package that'll include your initial service needs, the frequency of your visits, a supply list of on-going products (ie. fish food, filters etc.) and your growth calendar. 

Grow your Habitat

If growing your habitat is your goal, YES! of course we can do that for you. It's not instant, but we promise to get you on to the right path.

Step 3- Time to Work

This is the fun part!  We'll confirm your appointment and come with our gear in hand. Our professional techs are trained to focus on the details, while providing consistent quality service and cleanliness in our work area from start to finish. 

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